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Willie’s Kitchen 2008

“Willie’s Kitchen”
Written and Directed by Jay D. Hanagan
April 11, 12 & 13
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Willie (John “Buck” Erwin) is a writer. Well, he wants to be a writer. Well, he is a writer, but what he really wants, is to be a novelist. Well, he is a novelist, but no one knows it. No one knows it because he never finishes a novel. Well, he kind of finishes them, but he never sends them out to be published. Willie is his own worst enemy.
And then there is Frank (Michael Mulberry). Frank was Willie’s teacher. And mentor. And biggest fan. Now that Willie is divorced that is. And now that Frank is a widower that is. Frank lives next door to Willie. Frank visits Willie a lot!
With each crisis, Frank and Willie try their very best to be there for each other. But their very best tends to fall a little short at times. Through divorces, deaths and diseases, these two muddle through, tip-toeing through a comedic ballet of dying swan proportions.
This is a story of best friends. And acceptance. And annoyance. A lot of annoyance. And being there. And not knowing what to do next.

Jay D. Hanagan ~ Playwright
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