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Li’l Abner Returns to Gates Hall this November

YouTHeatre presents “Li’l Abner” on Nov. 23, 24, 25, 30 and Dec. 1. This 1957 show, with music by Gene DePaul, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, and book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, is based on Al Capp’s popular comic strip of the same name, and was last performed at Gates Hall in 1978. It is the story of Dogpatch, USA, and its hillbilly residents who manage to get by without ever working (“A Typical Day”).

The title character Li’l Abner (Ben DeVries) is a handsome hunk with no interest in girls or work, and Daisy Mae (Katie Kolyer) is the beautiful girl next door. Mayor Dawgmeat (Nate Combs), U.S. Senator Hillary S. Fogbound (Laura Ryckman), and Dr. Finsdale (Tylea McCarthy-Walker) announce that Dogpatch has been selected as the most unnecessary town in the country, and as such will be the site of an A-Bomb test. This causes celebration until the residents realize that they will be evacuated before the next Sadie Hawkins Day Race, and there can be no more weddings. Earthquake McGoon (Patrick Saiff) then announces that they should revert to the law of the hills, and he has been given Daisy Mae’s hand in marriage by her nearest relative. The only chance Daisy Mae has to find happiness with Abner is to find something to make the town necessary. Abner’s spunky mother and henpecked father Mammy and Pappy Yokum (Rebecca Mealey and Drew DiSanto) come forward with Yokum Berry Tonic which they have given Abner every day of his life and is responsible for his good looks and strength. General Bullmoose (Abram Collier) a Wall Street Tycoon learns of the tonic and sets out a plot to murder Li’l Abner and steal the tonic (“Progress is the Root of All Evil”). Mayhem ensues, but the result is a happy ending worthy of Gilbert & Sullivan!Other Cast and Crew:Lonesome Polecat Katrina DeCastro

Moonbeam McSwine Autumn Pollock

Available Jones Payton Loveless

Speedy McRabbit Nate Selby

Appasionata Von Climax Allison Mullin

Evil Eye Fleigle Avery Carlson


Jenny Bonczyk, Leanna Hess, Amanda Steves, Emma Vos, Bailey DiSanto, Reilly Reomy, Allisea Anderson, Soula Russel, Amanda Steves, Susie Costa, Brenna Cahil, Alex Goodwin, Dominic Vassalo, Elliott Freelicher, Michael DiCastro, Hunter Costa


Sue DeVries Barbara Hunn

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