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Kiss Me Kate YT ‘05

“You’re in for a treat!” Says Robert Gorski, Director of this seasons YouTheater production of Kiss Me Kate. “This is an incredible group of people to work with, both cast and crew.”

With the majority of the cast from last seasons award winning production of Little Shop of Horrors returning and the addition of some very talented newcomers, this production will not disappoint.

“We have a number of TANYS award winners working on this production.” Added Gorski.

In addition to the two actresses in the cast that have won awards (Jeanine Follette, Marie Montondo), two in the production crew have won as well. (David Meyer, Karen Karnisky)

The production crew of last season returns again:
Robert Gorski: Director
David Meyer: Assistant Director
Gordy Leonard: Set Design
Jaime Akerley: Choreography
Lois Figel: Accompaniment

We also have some new faces (Not new to Gates Hall!)
Donna Meyer: Producer
Karen Karnisky: Vocal instruction
Dan Montondo: Assistant Producer

“With the amazing crew, talented youth, the incredible sets, and the wonderful dances, this production will satisfy even the most fickle of theater-goers.”

“Kiss me Kate was great!” says Director Robert Gorski. “Of course, I’m Biased.”

Kiss Me Kate has been awarded two Roving Adjudicator Merit Awards by
Adjudicator Bob Frame of TANYS (Theatre Association of New York State):
Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Elizabeth Pope-Collins:
Although the part of Val was a small part, Elizabeth was strong, committed and focused every moment upon the stage.

Excellence in Scenic Design and Execution to Gordon Leonard and David Meyer:
The set was wonderfully painted and moved like a dream. The performance
space for Kiss Me, Kate was tiny yet these two gentlemen created a masterful design with numerous elements that revolved and rolled around the stage and viola the audience was transported to another place.

“It was a pleasure to work with such a talented group of people, both cast and crew.” remarked Gorski. “Adam, Marie, Jeanine, and Elizabeth we will miss you next year!”

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