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Into the Woods YT ‘06

YouTHeatre goes Into the Woods
opening November 24

Gatesinger YouTHeatre invites family, friends and community members to journey into Stephen Sondheim’s popular musical,  “Into the Woods” on the Gates Hall stage November 24 and 25, and December 1 and 2 at 8 pm; November 26 at 3 pm. The production staff includes director, Bob Gorski; choreographer, Jaime Akerley; musical director and accompanist, Dane Noble-Rosema; producers Karen Nail and  Dan Montondo; and lighting designer, Adrian VanderByl.  Costumes are once again courtesy of Off-Monroe Players, coordinated by Rebecca Fisher. “Anything can happen in the woods” as characters from several fairy tales portray in song and dance. Cinderella (Diana Hunn) wishes to leave her step-mother (Amanda VanderByl) and step-sisters (Molly Perry and Shauna Richards) and marry a prince (Daniel Rehor); Jack (Mark Montondo) wishes to keep his best friend, Milky White, but sells her to the Baker (Shawn Mealey) and his wife (Kate Holleran) for magic beans, against his mother’s (Kristen Weis) wishes. The witch (Ashley McCaslin) wishes for her daughter, Rapunzel (Jayde Gray) not to marry another prince (Greg Maddock) and locks her in a tower. The baker and his wife, unable to have a child because of a curse on their family, go into the woods to find several magical items for the witch, who wishes to regain her lost youth. Other characters venturing into the unknown shadows of the woods include Little Red Riding Hood (Allison Bloechl), the Wolf (Daniel Rehor), the Narrator/Mysterious Man (Kaiden Davis), Cinderella’s Father (Kyle Young), Granny (Claire Wayman), the Stewards (Brandon Fellows, Dillyn Scott and Dillon May), the Giant (Julie Mohney), Snow White (Nicole Vinci) and Sleeping Beauty (Ali Beltrone). Chorus members are Ali Beltrone, Ali Saiff, Eva Wilchenski, Hanna Farley and Amy Sawdey. After several twists and turns, explained in lively and complex Sondheim music and lyrics, Act I ends with the characters living happily ever after. Act II becomes a cautionary tale, where the reality of “be careful what you wish for” brings life’s difficult lessons to those who remain in the woods.

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