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Spring 2018

Little Women – Spring 2013

Little Women was a heart felt musical directed by Lois Fiegl.  The cast was filled with an abundance of local talent who put on a wonderful show enjoyed by all!  Thanks to all who made this a remark[Read more]

YouTHeatre Guys & Dolls – Fall 2013

YouTHeatre rocked the Gates Hall stage during its Fall 2013 production of Guys and Dolls directed by Susan DeVries and Barb Hunn.  

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Board of Directors and Company Staff

Board of Directors:

President: Shannon DeRose

Vice President: Bits Shannon
Leah TalbotSecretary: Leah Talbot

Christine NagelTreasurer: Christine Nagel

Member: Autumn Pollock

Larissa MyhowichMember: Larissa Myhowich


Company Staff Appointments:

  • Artistic Design Committee Chair: Kasi Krenzer Marshall
  • Bookkeeper: Jeremy Cummings
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Kasi Krenzer Marshall
  • Publicist/Marketing Assistant: Alec Richardson
  • Patron Coordinator: Ann Rhody
  • Newsletter Editor: Ann Rhody
  • Grant Writer: Ann Rhody
  • Costume/Prop Manager: Kasi Krenzer Marshall
  • Technical Director: Rob Marshall
  • Webmaster: Rob Marshall
  • W-PHS Liaison: TBA
  • Archivist: TBA
  • Hall Manager: Mackenzie Wood
  • Box Office Manager: TBA
  • Set Coordinator:  TBA

Updated: January 20,2023

Board meetings are open to the public.  If you’d like to attend a board meeting or address the board, please send an email to with your name and we’ll get back to you with the next meeting date and location.   Thank you!