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Show dates: April 24-26, May 1-3, 2020.

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Board of Directors and Appointments

Board of Directors:

  • President: John L’Hommedieu
  • Vice President: Autumn Pollock
  • Secretary: Mackenzie Wood
  • Treasurer: Christine Nagel
  • Member: Steve Mullin
  • Member: Jeremy Cummings
  • Member: Gregory Maddock
  • Youth Liaison: Lydia Wyble 


  • Artistic Coordinator: Nan Hanna-Paquin
  • Artistic Design Committee Chair: Nan Hanna-Paquin
  • Finance Committee Chair: Anne Vander Byl
  • Nominating Committee Chair: John L’Hommedieu
  • Publicist/Marketing Coordinator: Anne L’Hommedieu
  • Patron Coordinator: Ann Rhody
  • Newsletter Editor: Ann Rhody
  • Grant Writer: Ann Rhody
  • Costume/Prop Manager: Mackenzie Wood
  • Technical Manager: Rob Marshall
  • Webmaster: Steve Mullin
  • W-PHS Liaison: Anne Vander Byl
  • Archivist: TBD
  • Hall Manager: Anne L’Hommedieu
  • Box Office Manager: Open
  • Set Coordinator:  Steve Mullin

Effective: March 2018

Board meetings are open to the public.  If you’d like to attend a board meeting or address the board, please send an email to with your name and we’ll get back to you with the next meeting date and location.   Thank you!