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Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

This photo was found at Gates Hall. Who can tell me the names of all the people in the photo. I know… Do you?

Anyone with old photos of Gates Hall, and you would like to share them. Please send them to Bob Gorski at

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  1. Gates Hall! Long time! Stephen Zygo writing. Not sure why you’re not boasting the success of the two Zygo boys who have made it big (J. Michael Zygo on Broadway in a 7 Tony Award Winning musical , “Once”, and me {Stephen J. Zygo} a youth theatre President and trainer of thousands of kids a year near Hollywood). This could boost Gates Hall reputation and Mike and I would gladly provide testimonials to the importance Gates Hall played in our professional careers.

    I hope everyone on staff is well! Please be sure to tell everyone who directed and choreographed for Mike and I how much their hard work and patience with us molded us as people and professional performers.

    Stay in touch!

    -Zygo (#2)

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