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Awards – “ordinary days” September 2014


Production of “ordinary days” receives 4 TANYS Awards!

On September 13, 2014 the Gatesinger Company’s production of “ordinary days” was evaluated by the Theater Association of New York State (TANYS) and received 4 TANYS Awards* for the following:

  • Excellence in Direction to:  John L”Hommedieu 
  • Excellence in Musical Direction:  Lois Fiegl
  • Excellence in Musical Performance: Doug Blackall
  • Excellence in Performance:
    • Dillon May as Warren
    • Rebecca Mealey as Deb
    • Carl Webeck as Jason
    • Karen Seidel-Karnisky as Claire

 *TANYS has three categories of acknowledgement.  They include the following:

Meritorious Achievement, Excellence and Outstanding Achievement.

Meritorious Achievement = advanced theatrical skill noted
Excellence = theatrical skill base not routinely noted in non-professional theatre
Outstanding Achievement = theatrical skill base rarely seen in non-professional theatre