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Spring 2018

Little Women – Spring 2013

Little Women was a heart felt musical directed by Lois Fiegl.  The cast was filled with an abundance of local talent who put on a wonderful show enjoyed by all!  Thanks to all who made this a remark[Read more]

YouTHeatre Guys & Dolls – Fall 2013

YouTHeatre rocked the Gates Hall stage during its Fall 2013 production of Guys and Dolls directed by Susan DeVries and Barb Hunn.  

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Awards – “Irene” April 2015

Congratulations! (April 27, 2015)
Irene Cast Pic

Production of “Irene” receives 5 TANYS* Awards!

On April 24, 2015 the Gatesinger Company’s production of “Irene” was evaluated by the Theater Association of New York State (TANYS) and received 5 TANYS* Awards for the following:

  • Excellence in Direction:  Lois Fiegl
  • Outstanding Achievement in Vocal Performance: Caitlin Marcellus for her portrayal of Irene
  • Excellence in Acting: Kathy Doremus for her portrayal of Mrs. Geraldine O”Dare
  • Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design: Laurie B. Krenzer and Kasi L. Krenzer Marshall
  • Excellence Achievement in Ensemble Performance and Dance: Cast

TANYS Adjudicator’s Comments: Gatesinger Company, LTD pulled out all the stops to bring a delightful, time-honored musical to its Pultneyville home. Irene, a fast paced classic of “boy meets girl” is fun, lively and thought provoking. Their use of costumes, set and dance enhanced the production and left the audience enchanted.

*TANYS has three categories of acknowledgement.  They include the following:

  • Meritorious Achievement, Excellence and Outstanding Achievement.
  • Meritorious Achievement = advanced theatrical skill noted
  • Excellence = theatrical skill base not routinely noted in non-professional theatre
  • Outstanding Achievement = theatrical skill base rarely seen in non-professional theatre