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Gatesingers COVID-19 Update

These certainly are crazy time we live in, but live in we must. The ongoing State and Federal requirements regarding Social Distance and other efforts to “flatten the curve” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic make it very difficult for us to do the thing we love – Meeting together, singing, dancing and preparing a show for our families and other loved ones. The world of music: theater, choirs, bands are faced with major reconsideration’s of how they will do “business” and present the pieces they’ve worked on for the pleasure of their audiences.

NYS continues to have a restriction on gathers of more than 10 and requirements of being 6 feet apart remain in place.  So how does a Choir meet to rehears? And how will they bring their music to an audience?  These same questions (and more) loom for live theater in the COVID and Post COVID age.

All these uncertainties were topics of the most recent Gatesinger’s Board of Director’s meeting, held on May 14th.  As previously announced, the Board in the April meeting decided to postpone the conclusion of the 2019/2020 Season but cancelling the April performance of Into The Woods and moving it to the summer show spot in in mid-July.  At the May meeting, following much discussion, the Board has decided, as a precautionary measure, to cancel the 2020/2021 Season rather than hoping for business to return to normal.  This decision was made in response to many reports that indicate a suspected return of the COVID-19 virus in the fall, reports that Social Distancing requirements are likely to remain in place for quiet some time and a financial need to limit our expenditures in light of zero income.

This unprecedented action was not taken lightly and came after many options were exchanged and opinions expressed. Should our projections be incorrect then the Board will make new decisions based on new and updated information.  We are saddened by the decision that was made but believe it to be the right decision based on what we know today.  The most difficult part of the past few months, as expressed by many has been the “waiting for life to return to normal.” The “waiting” is heightened by making plans/set dates, changing dates and then having to again, change the dates.  Disappointment comes every time new dates are set.

Gatesinger Company, Ltd. Annual Meeting Notice

Thanks to all who participated in our Annual Meeting held June 25th!  We appreciate your continued support and contributions.

Not only did we have our first successful meeting hosted on a Virtual Forum (thanks for your support & attendance), we selected the following Officers & Board Members.

  • President: Jeremy Cummings
  • Vice President: Kasi Krenzer Marshall
  • Secretary: Leah Talbot
  • Treasurer: Christine Nagel
  • Member: Karen Smith
  • Member: Larissa Myhowich
  • Member: Alec Richardson
  • Youth Liaison: Lydia Wyble


Posted: June 27, 2020

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