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Auditions – Burned Over

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Burned Over

By Bess Atlas

Directed by Lindsay Warren Baker


  • Date: Sunday, May 21 @ 2:00 pm
  • Location: Pultneyville United Methodist Church, 7767 Hamilton Street, Williamson, NY

CALLBACKS:  May 23, 24, 25 as needed.

Please prepare a short folk-song or hymn to sing a capella.  Dialogue sides will be provided.

Auditionees will be seen in the order they sign up the day of the audition. No appointment needed.

REHEARSALS: Beginning June 28 — Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday

TECH: September 2 – 6


  • Dates: September 8-10, 15-17
  • Location: Historic Gates Hall, 4107 Lake Road, Pultneyville (The Oldest, Continuous Community Theater Venue in America!)

Celebrating 150 Years of Theater at Gates Hall, “BURNED OVER” is the story of two sisters and what happens to their families when one becomes convinced the world is about to end. The play is inspired by historical events and the wild fire of evangelism that swept across New York State between the opening of the Erie Canal and the start of the Civil War, leaving the area so “burned over” that there wasn’t a soul left to be saved. Set in the farming community of Williamson in 1844, BURNED OVER is a play about family, love, and religious fervor, highlighting an interesting and not-often-remembered part of local history.

Setting:  Williamson, NY — March 1844



Character Description
AMMI STRANG Mid-late 30s. Patient and kind. Attractive in her youth, her life as a farmer and mother of three has not diminished her beauty, both on the inside and the outside. Religious affiliation: Quaker (Hicksite).
DANIEL STRANG Late 30s-mid 40s. Ammi’s husband, a handsome farmer, straight-shooter. Religious affiliation: (Orthodox) Quaker.
OLIVER STRANG Age 18. Best friends with his cousins Jed and Harmony Bogardus.
REBECCA BOGARDUS Late 30s-mid 40s. Ammi’s older sister, was in love with Daniel Strang in her youth. Unlike her sister, time, hard work, and disappointment have diminished Rebecca’s beauty. A hardened woman, she has been swept up in the Millerite movement, and believes the second coming (the end of the world) is near. Religious affiliation: Millerism.
EVERT BOGARDUS Mid-late 40s. Rebecca’s husband, “salt-of-the-earth,” farmer. Evert would do anything for Rebecca.
JEDIDIAH BOGARDUS Age 19, Rebecca and Evert’s oldest.   Frustrated by the religious fervor that has overtaken the house. tensions rise between his parents and him.
HARMONY BOGARDUS Age 17. Very pretty (a reminder of what Rebecca was like in her youth). Torn between her love of her family and her love of Lorenzo Reynolds.
MRS. FLORENTINE FOX 40s-50s. Feisty and not afraid to tell it likes she sees it. Her family owns the local general store. Religious affiliation: Universalist.
REVEREND CHARLES GRANDISSON FINNEY Mid-50s. Lawyer turned preacher-evangelist. “The father of modern revivalism.” Determined, innovative, famous. Religious affiliation: Presbyterian.
LORENZO REYNOLDS Age 19. Jed’s best friend and in love with Harmony. Lives in Rochester, plans on working with his father in their store when he finishes school. Religious affiliation: Protestant (unspecified denomination).
STAFFORD REYNOLDS Age 12. Lorenzo’s younger brother. Benjamin’s best friend.


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